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“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” – 1 Peter 3:15

Would you like to share your story?

Step 1 - Identify your Story

Everyone has a story filled with joy, pain, and everything in between. Where does your story begin and how were you changed when God Showed up?
Read: Psalm 145: 1-7- David Praises God
Goal: Begin your story by recognizing who you were before god showed up and what happened when he did.
Begin to write your story: Need help getting started? Follow these writing prompts. What about your life before Christ will relate most to your audience? What did your life revolve around? What motivated you? Where did you get your security, worth, or happiness? Tip: It can be easy to go into too much detail here. Try to keep this to 1-2 minutes.
How did God get your attention? Why and when did you decide to trust and commit your life to Christ? What drew you in? Tip: Make sure God is the hero of the story.

Step 2 - Build Your Story

An easy way to build a story is to use the events where God intersected your life. This week, we’ll put all of the pieces of Your story together.
Read: Acts 17:22-35 – Paul shares about the resurrection
Goal: Tell us who you are now
Continue to write your story: Need help getting started? Follow these writing prompts. How is your life different? Focus on the internal as well as the external changes. Share how knowing God and the gospel impacts how you currently deal with your own ongoing failures and life’s challenges. How are you currently trusting God to work on in your life? Tip: Put both parts of your story together and Work on getting it down to 3-5 minutes. then work on a 30 second-1 minute version.

Step 3 - Tell Your Story

You’ve identified and built your story. Now it’s time to share it.
Read: 1 Peter 3:15-16 – You are called to answer when asked where your hope comes from.
Goal: Before sharing, Learn the following steps – 1. Pray 2. Discern 3. share 4. listen
Pray: Ask God to give you the words to say.
Discern: allow the holy spirit to tell you which story is relevant for which person.
Share: Tell your story!
Listen: After you share your testimony, pause and let the Holy Spirit do the work and allow the one hearing it to respond.