The Mission

Changing lives through the transforming power of Christ. Worship is what we give to God. It is a time where we give God that which is right, natural, and called for; namely praise and thanksgiving. When you truly come into the presence of God is it a life-transforming moment. Such encounters are relevant to all aspects of life. We become wiser, stronger, and most importantly more loving. Worship, while primarily God directed, is always beneficial to the worshiper. That kind of inspirational worship is the experience you will find at Christ Church.

Our History

From its beginning, disciple making has been part of Christ Church’s DNA. The story of Christ Church began in 1951 when a group from several other United Methodist churches in the area felt the call to reach out and begin to make disciples in the south Dayton suburbs of Kettering and Oakwood.

In 1957 the current location of Kettering Campus was purchased. Responding to the changes in the community and expanding ministries over the years, several additions have been made to the facility. In 2009, Christ Church gave birth to our South Campus that ministers to the southern Montgomery/northern Warren county area. In 2017, Christ Church faithfully answered God’s call and launched Mosaic Campus to reach a multi-ethnic audience.

As a result of all the efforts of those who call Christ Church home, the church today has more than 2,100 members and has a strong reputation throughout Dayton and the world as a committed family of Christians dedicated to fulfilling the biblical mandate to “change lives through the transforming power of Christ.”