Adult Discipleship

Church is more than sitting in rows on Sunday morning. Christ Church offers several ways for you to Connect and Grow to compliment your worship experience. Seize the opportunity to feel known in a large church!

Why Join A Small Group

Are you searching for more in your faith journey? Seeking deeper connections and purpose? Look no further than church small groups. These intimate gatherings of like-minded adults provide a sanctuary for authentic friendships to flourish. Joining a small group opens the door to lifelong connections, shared purpose, and spiritual growth. Explore your faith, discover your calling, and practice meaningful spiritual habits. Together, we can create a tight-knit community, supporting and uplifting one another. Small groups change lives by deepening relationships, sharing burdens, and strengthening faith. Experience the personal, heartfelt, and compelling power of church small groups. Unlock a world of connection, purpose, and growth. Together, we make a difference.
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Get Plugged In

Choose from one of the discipleship opportunities below.

We are a community of about 200 Christ Church women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ.

We are organized into several small groups (fellowships) of like-minded women who meet monthly. We meet 4 times each year as a unit and strive to offer programs that appeal to all women, not just United Methodist Women.

We sponsor several fundraisers each year. Last year, we distributed more than $33,000 to Christ Church ministries and/or local and international ministries

Are you on sensory overload? Take a break from Netflix and fill your mind and heart with faith messages. There are thousands of options available to you as part of the Christ Church family. Click the link below to sign up for your free account.


We all have moments in our life which are particularly painful or full of overwhelming transition. Christ Church wants to support you in these times.