Have you ever experienced a moment of such perfect clarity, knowing exactly what to do, that you couldn’t help but believe it was God speaking to you? Maybe it was a quiet reassurance during a difficult time or a nudge in the right direction when you felt lost.

Elaine King, a member of our Christ Church family, shares her story about how God has spoken to her in times of need, not through dramatic pronouncements, but through moments of comfort and guidance.

Elaine describes herself as having “always had him in her heart,” but a recent church study helped to sharpen her faith. The study “Followers Made” encouraged participants to practice sitting quietly and listening to God’s voice. Elaine’s God encounters are ones we can all relate to. During a time of worry about her husband’s upcoming medical procedure, she found solace in her quiet prayer sessions. As a retired nurse, Elaine’s mind tends to ‘go crazy’ in times of stress. But in the stillness, she heard a voice telling her to ‘just relax, I will be with you.’ Indeed, her husband’s procedure went well.

The second encounter highlights how God can speak to us through unexpected means. Elaine describes contemplating a volunteer opportunity for several months. The thought kept nagging at her, but she wasn’t sure what to do. Then, during a prayer session, a hymn popped into her head: “Here Am I, Lord.” Realizing the song was about service, Elaine took it as a sign to pursue the volunteer opportunity.

These encounters are a testament to the transformative power of God’s voice. They are powerful reminders that He speaks to us in many ways, often in the quiet moments when we are most open to listening.

Elaine’s story reminds us that sharing our encounters with God is not about a blockbuster narrative but embracing the everyday ways He reveals Himself to us. These stories aren’t just about us; they’re about pointing others to the reality of God’s presence. So, let’s all share our stories and inspire each other with God’s love and guidance in our lives.