Frequently Asked Questions

Why is worship important?

Worship is the primary way we praise God and connect as the body of Christ. From Old Testament temples to modern churches, worship spaces are where people come to experience communion and fellowship and to hear God’s Word proclaimed. Our worship spaces are the heartbeat of our building.   Christ Church is blessed with two wonderful areas where people gather to worship

Why have a capital campaign now?

 In our role as faithful stewards, we must look not only to the present needs of our worship areas but to the future as well. The capital campaign will provide needed funding to address maintenance and repairs for the organ, replace aging systems for lighting and sound and technology, and pay off $150,000 of existing debt. We will also address aesthetic needs in the Activity Center to create a richer worship environment.

Why spend money on our building when so many people in our community are in need?

Worship, praise and service go hand in hand. As we praise and worship God, we more readily understand that God calls us to follow Jesus’ example of caring for others. Christ Church has numerous community outreach programs to help feed and clothe those in need and to meet other basic needs of persons who are struggling. As we do so, we build relationships and community and offer all involved the opportunity to express their gratitude of praise through worship. We do well in serving our brothers and sisters. We must also do well in offering meaningful settings for worship and praise and spiritual growth.

How can people outside of our church benefit from the worship upgrades?

From concerts, to community events, an improved organ and welcoming activity center can be used for other events outside of Sunday mornings.

How much debt load are we currently carrying?

We currently have $300,00 that we still owe on our existing loan.  We have $176,000 in a fund that is being used to pay down the loan. An additional $124,000 is needed to complete that mortgage.

Can I give specifically to one end or the other (praise or sanctuary/organ), designating where I want my pledge spent?

No.  This is a Capital Campaign for the Christ Church in total.

Do I have to make a 3 year commitment? Can I give one lump sum?

You can give in any increment that is best for you.

Is this the right time to take on debt?

There is no right time.  We will be taking out a loan that will bridge the gap between cash we have in hand and the pace of the renovations being done.  The goal is to be debt free by the end of 2026 in time to celebrate our 75th anniversary. 

Will there be an accountability of the money spent?

Yes. The Christ Church Lead team and the Trustees will be kept up to date with the renovation schedule and money that has come in through the “Then Sings My Soul” Campaign. 

Will people still have “Unleashed” financial commitments that overlap with the “Then Sings My Soul” campaign.

 No, any commitment to previous campaigns will end by November 31, 2023.

Why fix the organ?

The organ hasn’t had a renovation since it was installed in 1967.  The electronic components are slowly deteriorating and the leather in each of the pipes is in need of repair.  If there is a catastrophic failure of the 1967 technology, it could stop functioning.  There is currently a 2 year wait for companies that repair organs.  It was important to get on their repair schedule to keep the organ from failing.  Many of the components are already not working.

What kind of research has been done for organ renovation options?

There was an organ renovation committee, made up of about 8 CUMC members, that researched options for about 2 years.  A variety of organs were considered, with bids from 3 different companies that specialize in organ renovation.  Trips were made to several churches to listen to organs that had been renovated.  The Christ Church board approved the bid in November, 2021 to engage with Muller Organ out of Columbus. 

Is it worth the investment?

Yes, to replace our organ would cost approximately $1.5 million.  By investing in our organ now it can continue to produce beautiful music for decades to come.

Will a new organ bring in more people?

Once the organ is renovated we can attract music groups and organists who could provide concerts and community events. Currently, there are many musical “stops” and functions that are not working.  Some organists choose not to use our church for their performances.

What kind of renovations need to be made to the sound system in the Sanctuary?

Currently, the sound is inconsistent in the sanctuary.  There are places where worshippers cannot hear as well as they should be able to.

How do we know that the sound system improvements in the sanctuary will work this time?

We have identified companies that also understand the limitations of our current system and are suggesting ways to correct the inconsistencies.

What kind of renovations need to be made in the Activity Center?

The Activity Center is primarily a gymnasium and on Sunday mornings feels less like a sacred place to worship God.  Improvements to the stage, ceiling, the atmosphere of the room and sound system are planned.

Why not a larger investment into the Praise end?

We feel like the investments that are being proposed will make a substantial difference in the atmosphere of the room and will add to the experience of worship. 

Will the Praise end renovations bring in more people?

A worship space that is more inviting will create an environment where our members will want to be more intentional about inviting people to our church.