Nate has a deep passion for media and its influence on worship. Growing up in Seattle, Washington, under the local tv master control station, Nate is rooted in technology and a love for coffee. Through the years Nate has combined all the technology for the worship services to one easy-to-use program that can be operated from a cellphone! Nate is always looking for a volunteers and will teach a volunteer anything they need to know to serve in the media department at Christ Church. In addition to Sunday services, Nate creates most of the graphics found around the church (Kettering and South Campus). He believes in going the extra mile, above and beyond what is expected, from making house calls, addressing computer issues, or setting aside time to help others get up to speed on their new tech gadget. Apple computers are his specialty and he will talk your ear off about it if you ask. If you ever see Nathan around the church or out and about feel free to stop and chat!