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Our Lenten Series

The Beatitudes weren't pronouncements of comfort but calls to action. Blessed are the poor, not because they suffer but because they challenge our complacency. Blessed are the mourners, not because they weep but because they remind us of empathy's power. Blessed are the hungry and thirsty for righteousness, not because they lack but because they fuel the fight for justice.

It’s time to flip the script. Confront uncomfortable truths, embrace vulnerability, and disrupt the status quo.

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Take your faith walk a few steps further. Pick a resource or three from the list below for a deeper understanding of The Beatitudes.

Our pastors are going deeper with this book. We invite you to purchase the book and follow along throughout the series.

Go deeper using our free resource, Right Now Media. Need a free account? Visit this link. 

Spend time in the bible with this free 12 Day YouVersion devotional and prayer plan.

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We invite you to connect with us by participating in studies and events throughout the Lenten season.


Share what you're learning each week. Pick a scripture, save it to your device and share it on your socials with a description of what you've learned and how it's impacted your Jesus journey.