Kim Prater

Business Director

Kim is originally from Syracuse, NY and came to Ohio to get her Bachelors degree from Marietta College in advertising and public relations. Upon graduated in 2000, she moved to Dayton in 2001 with her fiancĂ© at the time, Seth. They wish they would have found Christ Church when they first moved here, but are a firm believers in God’s timing and it wasn’t the right time. The Praters attended Normandy church a few times and then stopped attending because they got busy planning for our out-of-town wedding in Buffalo. In 2007, Kim and Seth welcomed their son Benjamin into the world and life got even more hectic. Finally when Ben was almost 3 they started church shopping again and found Christ Church! The following weekend they attended South Campus and were skipping down the longest hallway known to man afterwards. The Praters found their church home and have been faithfully attending ever since! So, needless to say you will probably find Kim at South Campus on most Sundays as she loves to watch the babies and toddlers in the Cuddle Zone or make coffee and watch Seth play and sing in the worship band. Kim’s work background is in graphic design, art, wedding planning, retail management and payroll processing. Yes, it is varied, but all of those areas have helped to shape her into who she is today. In spare time, when Kim is not writing calligraphy, she loves hiking with family (including dogs, Ruben and Sherman), practicing yoga, and scrapbooking.