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For more information about any of the community outreach initiatives listed below, please contact Serve Director, Nancy Byrd


Local, Regional, National and International  

  • Community Care Food and Clothing Ministry
  • United Methodist Centers
  • St. Paul UMC
  • St. Vincent's
  • Baby Shower Project
  • Assist with Children's and Student Ministry mission projects


Camp Wesley, Bellefontaine, OH


Christ Church adopted the Fireside Room at Camp Wesley some 15 years ago. Each Spring we depart from our church parking lot (usually on a Saturday at 8:30 a.m.), drive to the Camp, get the Fireside Room ready for the camping season, dust the chairs in the dining area, and perhaps do a little outside work before heading back to Kettering. We're usually back by 4 p.m.

It's a one-day commitment annually with good fellowship.


Good Works, Athens OH

Good Works began in 1981 when Keith Wasserman, a student at Ohio University started housing the homeless. Their Mission Statement is: "A community of hope which provides biblical hospitality through our shelter for the homeless." Good Works serves the widow, the orphan, and the stranger. In the past, teams from Christ Church have helped with yard work, painted, planted flowers, washed curtains, cooked, carried firewood, and worked at the homes of two widows (Samaritan Project). We also had a drive through. The United Methodist Women delivered a van full of supplies later. Keith's motto that states, "Love is a verb" tells it all.

Good Works Hannah House
Good Works Painting Greenhouse


School of Christian Missions, Ada, OH


United Methodist Children's Home, Columbus, OH


McCurdy School, Espanola, NM

Our efforts have included working on various construction projects, preparing a video about McCurdy and delivering projects prepared by the After School Program and the CUMC Sunday School.   

Find out more about the McCurdy school:

Henderson Settlement, Frakes, KY

Past trips have included projects such as building an office, preparing apples for making apple butter and helping in the clothing room, coupon room, and food distribution area. The next trip to Henderson Settlement is planned for September 2009.

Red Bird Mission, Beverly, KY

The Redbird Missionary Conference has 23 churches and 4 outreach centers in 8 southeastern Kentucky counties. They offer 12 years of schooling, medical facilities, mobile meals, clothing, and a large outreach program. In the past, our Volunteer in Mission Team (VIM) built a deck and ramp for a handicapped man. We have also worked in clothing and Christmas stores, the kitchen, sorted lumber, worked in the clinic and cut Campbell soup labels. Lack of sufficient funds is affecting the school so, hopefully, churches will give to the Redbird Advanced Specials (773724, 773726 and 773728).

Red Bird Chapel Beverly, KY

Red Bird Mission VIM Team 2004

Red Bird Mission Door Deck Ramp

Red Bird Work Project


Other National Opportunities

  • Hurricane relief efforts
  • Earthquake relief efforts

Democratic Republic of Congo - VIM:

Advance Special Covenant relationship with Gaston Ntambo, pilot of Wings of the Morning.

Wings of the Morning is a United Methodist medical flight ministry in the North Katanga district of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Gaston Ntambo and his wife, Jeanne, operate this mission that transports critically injured and seriously ill persons from distant villages to the few hospitals in the region. The Congo has very few paved roads, and ground transportation is almost impossible for urgent travel. Gaston also transports medicine, mosquito nets, supplies, doctors, volunteer teams and church personnel over a region the size of Texas.

gaston and planethe new plane

Gaston Ntambo and his Cessna P210 airplane.

For a short video about Wings of the Morning and Christ United Methodist Church:

For more information about Wings of the Morning and the campaign to acquire a
better plane:

In addition to the flight ministry, the United Methodist Church in the North Katanga district of the Congo is extremely important to the Congolese by providing medical clinics, a hospital, an orphanage, primary and secondary schools, a college, water wells, and churches.
Link to the North Katanga website:


September/October 2013 Medical Mission Trip:

New medical VIM team led by the West Ohio Conference will serve in a United Methodist health clinic in Kamina and a United Methodist hospital in Kabongo. Train and work side-by-side with UM Congolese doctors, nurses, and nursing students.


One mission objective is to deliver an ultrasound machine and train the staff in its use for women's health. We are currently seeking professional volunteers for this trip including: doctors, dentists, nurses, surgeons, gynecologists, medical assistants and a French speaking individual. Team is limited to 9 persons.

For a detailed breakdown of mission trip CLICK HERE.
Mission Cost: $3500 (includes airfare)
For more information contact Kevin Bowers or visit the West Ohio Conference link.


Bolivia - VIM:

  • Advance Special Covenant relationship with Walter Henry
  • Educational Complex, Santa Cruz; summer 2008

Mexico - VIM:

  • Advance Special Covenant relationship with Oriental Conference
  • Tijuana: building houses & constructing new orphanage
  • Changing the Tijuana orphanage into a school, small businesses and church
  • Constructing a new orphanage in Tijuana


Other International Opportunities

  • Bethlehem Bible College
  • Heifer Ark project - provide animals that continue to give eggs, milk, honey, clothing, transportation, etc. over the long term
  • Alternative Giving - medicine, animals, food, shelter, etc

What Do We Mean by "Serve"?

"Serve" is a word you might hear quite often at Christ United Methodist Church. When we speak of a service project, we mean any effort that seeks to reflect the love of Jesus Christ by serving those in need in our community and in our world.

"Serve", mission, or outreach can include everything from after school tutoring to providing emergency food assistance to providing housing for a family in Tijuana Mexico.

At Christ United Methodist Church we believe that everyone can find a place or service project that will fuel your passion and provide a closer connection with God.


We'd love to share with you what makes Christ Church a great place for you.

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